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Light Pole

  Product Name:Light Pole

  Product Catagory:Light Pole


  1. Wind speed: 35m /s;

  2. Seismic intensity: magtitude 8;

  3. Wrapped ice: 5-8MM;

  4. Structure: monopole;

  5. Material: Q345, Q235;

  6. Antiseptic treatment: hot dip galavization;

  7. Height: 2-15 meters

  8. Temperature: -35 to 45;

  9. Verticality: 1/1500;

  10. Grounding resistance: less than 4Ω;

  11. Service life; 50 years;






  A lamppost, also known as tapered light pole, belongs to micro-pole tower. Lamps are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of customers. They are mainly classified as in power and in solar energy.

  Classification in use: signal light posts, lighting posts, decorative posts;

  Classification in shape: tapered steel light poles, decorative steel reinforced tread Lampposts, decorative aluminum Lampposts.

  Application: roads, streets, factories, mines, and public places, etc.

  Features: small land areas, no influence on the environment, high cost-effective performance

  Structure: monopole

  Material: Q345, Q235

  Antiseptic treatment: galvanzation, plastic spraying, painting

  Ladder: built-in

  Height: 2-15 m

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