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Bionic Tower

  Product Name:Bionic Tower

  Product Catagory:Bionic Tower

  Specification: 10-60 meters

  Material: Q345, Q235

  Connection: outer flange connection







  A bionic Tower is derived as a new tower on the basis of producing landscape towers. A considerable number of bionic posts our company manufactured,such as bionic greeting pines, bionic palm trees, bionic cocount trees have been installed in some scenic spots. And consistent high praises have been received from their users, ie, constructors and tourists. Compared with other communication towers, bionic towers have the following advantages:

  One, lifelike structure and artistic, tasteful shape. As the bionic towers are manufactured by imitating actual plants, they resemble real objects drastically. The overall beauty of the towers will not be ruined thanks to the delicate craftship and proper installation in scenic spots, parks, squares and other similar trees, which is close to and melts in nature. In designing bionic towers, big unique coils take the place of traditional platforms, displaying vital and energetic modern atmosphere

  Two, stable structure and advanced technology. By adopting independent reinforced concrete structure, the tower base can effectively avoid sinking. As feeder clips are set in the tower body, they can exempt from the wind and rain, thus resulting in their durable service life. By adopting delicate inner flange connection between every section, the tower body can guarantee the concentricity and verticality and avoid hidden dangers which exist in other connection modes.

  Three, small land areas and remarkable economic effects. By adopting tapered monopole structure, the post covers only 1 to 2 square meters, and its base 4 to 6 square meters, thus, it is not necessary to build fences around the tower. In this way, the related cost and the areas of land acquisition have been saved (especially in cities and towns).

  Four, long service life and durable appearance. The tower can be used comparatively longer than expected thanks to the fact that the destruction of the tower body is relatively small, together with reasonable structure, excellent materials. The tower is characterised by excellent antiseptic performance owing to hot dip galvanizing; meanwhile, its surface is covered with bionic barks and branches of highly composite materials, which integrates water proof, fire proof, and anti-corrosion into one. So, the outward coverings may guarantee its exterior appearance not to flake for a long time.

  Five. Short production period


  1. Wind speed: 0-180 km/h;

  2. Height: 5-60 meters;

  3. Platform: 0-3;

  4. Antenna support: 0-16 pcs;

  5. Structure: connection by polygon ferrule and circular tube socket;

  6. Ladders: external;

  7. Feeder: built-in;

  8. Material: Q345, Q235;

  9. Appearance: hot dip galvanizing, durable bionic skin and branches;

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