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Watch & Observation Tower

  Product Name:Watch & Observation Tower

  Product Catagory:Watch and Observation Tower

  Specification: 5-60 meters

  Material: Q345, Q235


  Wind pressure: 0.45

  Earthquake resistence: 8 magtitude

  Verdiality: 1/1500

  Wrapped ice: 5 mm

  Antiseptic treatment: galvanization

  Service life: more than 30 years


  The monitoring and lookout tower is a device for monitoring unpredicted cases, such as fire prevention and theft in forests and in important facilities like oil fields, border defense, and warehouse. Made up of tower body, platform, turrent, ladders, the tower is compact and durable, acting as an ideal platform for fire monitoring, sightseeing, and commanding. Based on an iron tower, the monitoring and lookout tower is devopled into steel structure monitoring devices which integrates communications, monitoring, lighting into one upon the painstaking efforts by professionals as a well-designed and decorative building.

  Major function: people on duty observe; install 360 degrees monitoring/surveillance cameras.

  Application: in schools, squares, parking lots, high-rise construction and forest fire protection, coastal bathing department, oil field, border defense, warehouse and other environment.

  Characteristics: small area; fewer land resources; convenient location for transportation and installation; short construction period; design conforming to national steel structure design standard and tower mast design regulations; reliable and safe structure.

  Anti-loss capacity: wind, at 10 mph; earthquake, magtitude 6;

  Material: Q345, Q235

  Structure: four posts, three posts

  Height: more than 10 meters;

  Weight: 0.5-20 tons

  Antiseptic treatment: hot dip galvanization

  Place of Material: Baogang Steel Group, and Shougang Group, Handan Iron &Steel Group Co.,Ltd, Tang Shan teel Group and so on

  Service life: more than 30 years;

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