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Fire Training

  Product Name:Fire Training

  Product Catagory:Fire Training Tower

  Specification: 5-40 meteres

  Material: Q345, Q235


  Wind pressure:0.45

  Earthquake resistence: magnitude 8

  Verticality: 1/1500

  Wrapped ice: 5mm

  Antiseptic treatment: galavization, painting

  Service life: more than 30 years






  The tenet of designing a training tower is scientific and convenient, so it can be applied in fire fighting, armed police and SPC. Based on relevant national standard, the tower is designed and installed. According to the requiements and builidng standards on fire services traning center (see the Sixth Chapter: Clause 6.0.1 of GMJ1—81 of the Constructing and Designing Requirements issued by the Ministry of Public Security on March 1983), training towers should be installed in fire fighting centers, with its positive havingh a runway of no less than 35 meters in length.

  The training tower shall meet the following requirements:

  1. The training tower is an open four-post steel structure frame with the sizes of 5 * 3 meters.

  2. Designed single-layer 3.5 meters high; the top layer, three meters high, 5 layers in all.

  3. The training tower includes the functions of floor angle climbing and fire shafts.

  4. Two windows are set on the positive side of the training tower from the second layer; the distance between windows is 1.0 meter.

  5. The window size of the tower is 1.2 meters *1.8 meters; the distance between the window and tower edge is no less than 0.65 meters; windowsill of the front wall is 0.4 meters(with 5 cm prominent) ; every windowsill is 0.8 meters from the ground; the height of each layer is 3.5 meters, with a 0.7-meter- stair within.

  6. A platform of not less than 1.5 meters wide is set on each layer; the floor is set on the top layer.

  7. A fire ladder leading to the top of the tower is installed outside. The ladder is 3 meters away from the ground. And the ladder is 3 meters wide.

  8. A training tower comprises of (1) simulated window (2) floor plate (3) back skeleton or framework (4) platform for watching and commanding and main steel structure. Eight simulated windows are designed in front of the tower, with floor plates between the upper and lower adjacent windows (made of steel plates).

  9. There is a skeleton (or framework) in the rear of the tower.

  10. The main frame is connected and assembled with bolts.

  11. Stairs connect two layers.

  12. There are waching and commanding platforms on the top of the tower.

  13. According to users’ needs, wind measurements, sirens and shelves for cold water pipes can be installed.

  14. Simulated firefighting training wells are designed next to the tower.

  15. There are two slider bars in front of the tower and two swinging rings windows of the top platforms.

  16. There are two climbings in the positive part of the front with the sizes of 0.6 m * 0.4 m * 17 meter. The tower is galvanized or sprayed for antiseptic purpose.

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